Jennifer Gerstner



Jennifer was born an artist. Starting in a small town with nothing to do, she developed an imagination that kept her occupied. She expressed this imagination in the form of drawing, coloring, and painting. Throughout grade school Jennifer won every art competition she has ever entered, further inspiring her to choose her passion as her job. Today Jennifer’s passion has matured into a perfect mix of natural beauty and classic makeup styles with inspiration from Kevin Aucoin, Alex Box, Alexander McQueen, Elvis Presley, Debbie Harry, and Andy Warhol, but always with her own view. Her ever adapting style always stays current while pushing the boundaries of the next big thing. Her experience is in Runway, Theatre, On Camera, High Fashion, and Commercial Photo Shoots. Working with nearly every luxury line of cosmetic as well as stage makeup, she has a simple formula to make any look work. She has been working alongside several professional photographers throughout her career and since she always keeps the client’s best interest in mind, she has repeat clients that choose to use her almost exclusively.